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Guitar Workshop - 1on1

Custom / Advanced lessons

These lessons entail a guaranteed 1 on 1 lesson, in which we cover desired advanced topics; some of which are listed hereunder:

- Harmony ( Jazz blues, Rhythm Changes, Quartal harmony, ballad forms, 251's major and minor, harmonization) 

- Technique ( Sweep picking, Alternate picking, Hybrid picking, legato, harmonics, tapping.) 

- Improvisation ( Solo over any changes, phrasing, chordal soloing) 
- Repertoire ( build a cohesive set of songs in your desired style) 

Song writing ( melody, song evaluation, guidance, expand on harmony)

Workshops such as this are designed to cover topics which are more conceptual , and which require the bulk of work to be done in your own practice space and time. 

The frequency for this kind of method of tuition tends to be less frequent than our other standard tuition mode where you'd attend weekly lessons. Depending on the topics covered one could come at his own convenience according to availability. 

Advanced guitar lesson price is of 30€ for a 1 hour 1 to 1 lesson and is to be paid in advance on booking. If you are interested to know availability, just write us an email on or give us a call on 00356 79016222


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