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BOSS GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor


Here we have a used Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor in a perfect working condition. (Recently servised). Under the hood of the shiny GT-6 is BOSS' most advanced COSM modeling engine ever—complete with 30 amp models, plus all-new COSM Distortion/Overdrive Pedal Modeling and Wah Modeling. Add to this all-new effects like "Uni-V" and "De-Fretter," plus superb 24-bit sound quality, and you've got the most powerful floor-based multiple effects processor in BOSS history.



- Flagship floor-based guitar effects processor with advanced COSM preamp

- 24-bit converters and coaxial digital output for recording applications

- 30 COSM amp models, plus new Distortion/Overdrive Pedal Modeling (15 types) and Wah Modeling (5 types)

- 340 effects programs—more than any other pedal in its class!

- Customize function for creating new amp types, distortion and wah pedals

- Easy, analog-style control; 15 knobs for editing commonly used parameters

- New "Uni-V" and "De-Fretter" effects, plus improved Feedback Modeling

- EZ Tone feature for creating custom patches based on 30 templates

- Built-in Expression and Control pedals for realtime control of effects


    - AD Conversion: 24-bit + AF Method*

    - DA Conversion: 24-bit

    - Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz

    - Program Memories: 340: 140(User) + 200(Preset)

    - Nominal Input Level: INPUT: -10dBu, RETURN: -10dBu

    - Input Impedance: INPUT: 1M ohms, RETURN: 220k ohms

    - Nominal Output Level: OUTPUT: 0dBu, SEND: -10dBu

    - Output Impedance: OUTPUT: 2k ohms, SEND: 2k ohms

    - Digital Output: EIAJ CP1201, S/P DIF

    - Dynamic Range: 100dB or greater (IHF-A)

    - Connectors: Input Jack, Output Jacks L (MONO)/R: , Phones Jack, Send - Jack, Return Jack, Digital Out Connector (coaxial), Sub EXP Pedal/Sub CTL , Pedal 1,2 Jack, MIDI connectors IN/OUT, AC Adaptor Jack

    - Power Supply: AC 14V: Supply AC Adaptor (BOSS BRC Series)

    - Current Draw: 800mA

    - SIZE AND WEIGHT: Width - 515 mm 20-5/16 inches

    - Depth: 261 mm 10-5/16 inches

    - Height: 75 mm 3 inches

    - Weight: 4.7 kg 10 lbs. 6 oz.

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