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african percussion in malta

AfroTon Djembe - ADS 02

The Afroton AD S02 - is a handmade, normal size and high quality Djembe from solid mango wood. It has amazingly powerful, expressive and balanced sound. Strung with selected goatskin and equipped with a tunable voltage cord. This drum is of absolute authentic quality with wide dynamic musical application.


For over 20 years it makes itself Afroton mission is designed to teach you the world of rhythms and sounds. Vitality, communication and peaceful coexistence of cultures, that is what the instruments. Afroton drums are manufactured according to exact specifications in selected production sites in Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali and Ghana.



    - From Ghana
    - Diameter: 30 - 32 cm
    - Height: 58 - 63 cm
    - Handmade wooden body from the stem
    - Goat skin
    - Rope system tuning
    - Wide dynamics
    - Crystal thomann clear treble and fat bass
    - Subtle and distinct carving
    - Handmade unique in Ghana / Africa

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