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DW Collectors Series, Drums, Drum Kit

DW Collectors Series | Black oyster finish | w/ edge series snare | 2008


DWs' flagship line of Custom Drums is offered in North American Hard Rock Maple, Select Heartwood Birch, and Maple/Mahogany. Collector’s Series® is the original American Made custom drum set. Choosen from a myriad of state-of-the art California Custom Shop shell configurations and a seemingly endless array of high-end finishes, this one in a Black Oyster Glass finish.


The DW we have available here has been only used in our studio, therefore is found in excellent condition. No real signs of wear apart from on its skins. The price to have one of these ordered today would be 9000€+. The kit is a maple kit with reinforcement hoops. The snare it comes with is an edge series model with brass hoops and 10 ply maple an amazing kit to make them heads turn. 


    -Drum Workshop Collector Shell Set

    -Finish Ply Series

    -Maplewood Shells 

    -Reinforcement hoops

    -Edge series snare drum

    -Color Black Oyster Glass 

    -Wrap Covered Shells

    - STM Tom Mount System 

    -DW shells tuned by 'Timbre Matching'

    Shell Set:

    -22" x 18" Bass Drum 
    -12"x10" LowTom 
    -14"x14" Floor Tom
    -16"x16" Floor Tom
    -14"x5.5'' Snare Drum

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