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Fender BassBreaker 007 HEAD

Fender BassBreaker 007 HEAD



Powerful, unpretentious and designed for Fender fans who also enjoy transatlantic overdriven tones, the robust, sonically flexible Bassbreaker™ 007 Head packs quite a punch for its size. Amp is as new. Undeniably Fender, the Bassbreaker 007 Head is packed with authentic tones ranging from pristine cleans to harmonically rich crunch.


An essential component of early hard rock sounds, this vintage-style sonic effect adds upper harmonics to your tone and boosts the guitar’s output signal level for extra preamp crunch.


Use the ¼" line output to easily connect to recording gear for direct recording or to connect to a larger power amp for even more earth-shaking volume without sacrificing your carefully tuned sound.


There’s nothing quite like the pure, powerful sound of a Fender tube amplifier. The tonal richness and touch-sensitive dynamics of real tubes have given Fender amps an unmistakable voice for more than 60 years—defining the sound of musical recordings and performances you’ve heard your whole life.



- 7-watt amplifier head

- Two 12AX7 tubes and one EL-84 for British-style crunch

- Onboard switchable vintage-style treble boost

- Compatible with the BB-112 or BB-212 extension speakers

- Optional footswitch and protective cover



    - Voltage: 230V EUR

    - Wattage: 7 Watts

    - Controls: Boost, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master

    - Channels: One

    - Inputs: One - 1/4"

    - Speaker Jack: 1/4"

    - Effects: Treble Boost

    - Effects Loop: None

    - Line Out: One - (1/4")


    - Cabinet Material: 5/8" particleboard

    - Amplifier Covering: Gray Tweed

    - Grille Cloth: Black

    - Amplifier Jewel: White Jewel

    - Front Panel: Black

    - Handle: Black Leather Handle


    - Speakers: N/A

    - Total Impedance: 8 ohms minimum


    - Preamp Tubes: 2 x 12AX7

    - Power Tubes: 1 X EL84

    - Rectifier: Solid State


    - Amp Height: 8.94" (22.7 cm)

    - Amp Depth: 8" (20.32 cm)

    - Amp Width: 15.81" (40.2 cm)

    - Amp Weight: 16.6 lbs (8 kg)

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