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Fender Precision PB 555 Bass | Boxer Series | Japan | "85

Fender Precision PB 555 Bass | Boxer Series | Japan | "85

Here's a a bass you don't see much out there, first time we came across it ourselves and we had to have it. This model is equipped with two high-power extra-pole-piece Precision Bass pickups. The bass has been manufactured in 1985-1986 in Fender Japan, it is known as the PB-555 from the Boxes series. 


Smooth body shape characteristic of the original Boxer series. This Fender Japan PB-555 inherits the versatile yet original Fender tones, it was produced by the current Fujigen factory during the building period of the famous E-serial models. This one is now almost 40 years in existence, the alder body it comes with has aged nicely, producin a fat and warm vintage tone. Although it is a passive bass, the TBX tone control allows for a variety of sound varieties. Controls are TBX tone control for each pickup volume. The mini switch is a 3-way pick tap selector and 2-way series/parallel switch. Although it is a passive bass, it has amazing versatility. The all-black look is combined comes in as a bonus to give it that unique look.


The neck and electronics have been serviced and the string height has been set at about 1.6mm at the 12th fret. Parts have been disassembled and cleaned.

    • SPECS

      - Body: Alder

      - Neck: Maple

      - Fingerboard: Rosewood

      - Pickup: Hot Rod P-4D x 2

      - Weight: 3.86kg

      - Nut-Width: 42.5mm

      - Case: Soft Case included

      - Scale length: Long Scale Lenght

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