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Gibson SG Standard, Guitar, Electric Guitar

Gibson SG Standard


The Gibson SG is a solid-body electric guitar model that was introduced in 1961 by Gibson.


The SG Standard is Gibson's best selling model of all time!


This 2009 ebony SG Standard features the optional modification of a set of bare-knuckle PG-blues pickups reminiscant of Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green which have an interesting 'out of phase' function on the middle position of the toggle switch, one more modification is a set of vintage grover tuners which can also be easily reverted back to original upon request , this SG in particular has a chunkier neck than other similar ones which passed by , there is a little bit of light-wear on the guitar mostly some light buckle-rash on the back and a few small scuffs here and there other than that the guitar is very clean and has never had any neck breaks or cracks .



    Potentiometers 2 Volume Controls, 2 Tone Controls

    Type 300k Linear Volume, 500k Non-linear Tone

    Coil Wiring Machine Wound

    Toggle Switch Three-way Switchcraft with Cream Plastic Tip

    Output Jack Traditional 1/4"



    Type Nashville Tune-O-Matic

    Material Zamak

    Plating Chrome


    Species Rosewood

    Frets 22Radius 12"

    Nut/E.O.B 1.695"/2.260"

    Finish: Color Ebony

    Sealer Nitrocellulose

    Process 1-1.5 mils



    Material Corian

    Width 1.695

    Slots Gibson PLEK System

    Binding White Single-ply

    Inlays Acrylic Trapezoids



    Knobs Black Top Hats with Silver Metal Inserts

    Toggle Switch Washer Black with Gold Imprint

    Control Plate Cover Black Acrylic

    Strap Buttons Aluminum

    Strings .010 - .046, Elixir



    Type Gibson Hardshell

    Case Exterior BlackCase

    Interior Plush Lining



    Top Mahogany

    Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50


    Model Vintage Tuners with Perloid Buttons

    Plating Nickel

    Tuning Ratio 14:1



    Neck Position 490R

    Bridge Position 498T

    Magnet Material Alnico II and Alnico V

    Covers Chrome


    Logo Mother of Pearl "Gibson" Logo with "Crown" Inlay

    Truss Rod Cover Black and White Antique Bell with "SG" Imprint


    Species Mahogany

    Profile SG Rounded

    Truss Rod Traditional Adjustable

    Joint Angle 4.25° (+/- 15 seconds)

    Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50

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