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Hiwatt Custom 100 DR-103

Hiwatt Custom 100 DR-103 Red | Head & Cab


Here we are super happy to have a custom 100 Watt Head and Cabinet from HIWATT. This model is new-old stock from a store that had closed down a while back. The original price was of 3850Eur and has been discounted to 2999Eur due to minor marks.


Handwired in England this is the model that made the Hiwatt name what it is. Constructed exactly like the Dave Reeves original DR-103, making this amp sound like no other. The HIWATT Custom 100 features a dual channel preamp with Low and High sensitivity input for each, 100 watts of all tube output, and individual controls for Brilliant / Normal inputs, Bass, Treble, Mid, Presence and Master Volume. Equipped with 4 x EL-34 tubes in the power stage, 4 x ECC-83 tubes in the preamp. Adjustable 4, 8, and 16 ohm output impedance.


The Hiwatt DR103 is listed as one of the top 10 greatest amplifiers of all time. 


Many famous name players have used Hiwatts through the years. One of Hiwatt’s most famous original users was The Who’s Pete Townshend, who played crushingly-loud distorted chords at very loud Who concerts. Certainly Hiwatt can be partially to blame for his hearing loss! Other players, such as Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, used Hiwatts for their beautiful and rich clean tones and hence also saved his hearing! Gilmour utilized various devices in front of the amp to color his overall sound. Other notable Hiwatt players and bands from the past include Tommy Bolin, Rush, the Rolling Stones, Journey, Nazareth, Fleetwood Mac, etc. (all band/player references courtesy of The Hiwatt Story online

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