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Laney LA65D Acoustic guitar malta

Laney - LA65D Acoustic Amp


The Laney LA65D is the flagship model of the dedicated acoustic combo's. This amp is found in a very good condition. 


The LA65D houses a twin channel pre-amp that’s packed with features – Channel 1 takes care of a mic input, additional guitar or keyboard. You then have a gain control, independent Lo & Hi EQ and an independent reverb control. Channel 2 takes a similar format to that of the LA35C adding a Pre shape option – for an instant natural mid cut plus bass & treble boost, a phase switch, along with digital chorus and reverb, plus a SHIMMER feature – allowing you to emphasise the sparkly bright sound of the onboard chorus.


The rear of the unit houses a headphone socket, XLR DI out with a ground lift switch to eliminate ground loop hum and FX loop send and return with switchable level/by-pass switch. Finally a footswitch socket allows remote controlling of the chorus and reverb.


The LA65D handles anything plugged into it with ease, be it a regular 6 string dreadnought or parlour, nylon or 12 string, more than anything else what really impressed me was the clarity and definition of the overall sound. Nothing was lost from the natural guitars tone – everything was there, present and correct.


The LA65D range is extremely accurate, detailed and produces an uncomplicated acoustic sound.


    - 65 watts RMS
    - 2 x 8 Custom Drivers
    - Twin Channel
    - Switchable Chorus
    - Reverb
    - Anti Feedback Circuitry
    - Aux Input

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€185.00Sale Price
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