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Marshall DRP-1 | PreAmp, Amp

Marshall DRP-1 | PreAmp


The Marshall Direct Recording Pre-Amp is in essence a complete Marshall stack in miniature, despite it's compact size the DRP-1 uses micro electronic techniques to emulate the tone and feel of a typical Marshall pre-amp, power amp and loudspeaker cabinet. This allows the recording and reproducing of great guitar sounds with the minimum of fuss and without the need to set-up and mic your normal guitar amp rig. The benefits of the DRP-1 can be utilised beyond the realms of the home studio. For instance the built-in stereo headphone amplifier can be coupled to your favourite effects processor to give your personal practice routines the realism of your stage sound. Alternatively, use the DRP-1 plugged into the front end of your normal guitar amp to fully 'Marshallize' it. Another use of the DRP-1 is to go direct into the PA from the emulated line-out. This is especially handy for rehearsal, where instead of transporting your main system along, you can turn up with the DRP-1 and just plug in and play. In addition to the guitar uses, the Direct Recording Pre-Amp can be used to add warmth and another dimension to keyboards, especially when mixed with the original sound.

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