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MC Guitars Lullaby 7 Multi | Made in Malta

MC Guitars Lullaby 7 Multi | Made in Malta

Built for the Great Guitar Build Off 2021 and now up for sale at our little shop in Sliema, Malta. Here we introduce you with the MC Guitars Lullalby 7 Multi. 

MC Guitars luthier, Andrew Manicaro, came up with this innovative shape and style for this beast guitar. It is a multiscale 7 stringer, set with super low and fast playable action.


The guitar is finished in a fantastic Pearlascent Pearl White, it changes it's colour slightly when looking fom different angles. The guitar has a thin coat of paint to be more resonant and therefore at some angles you can also see the wood grain. The Pickups on it are Seymour Duncan Blackouts 7 strings Calibrated set which have been also finished in white which makes the guitar stand out.  


The guitar has a bolt on neck which is a 5 piece Maple & Mahogany laminated wood. The fretboard has a highly figure Maple with a wonderful Maltese Cross Inlay at the 12th fret which is made out of high quality ebony wood. 


The nut is a CNC cut brass nut, also grounded to the electronics, which compliments the brass MC Guitars medilion and electronics back cover.  


Hear it in actions here - 

Link to the DEMO by Spine Splitter Studio's David Depasquale here below


And an introduction to the guitar by Andrew himself here:


Some more info about the pickups that are used on this guitar: 

The original Blackouts high-output active bridge humbucker delivers all of the power and full-bodied punch that today’s metal players demand from an active pickup. You get the high-output signal level of an active pickup, with a more organic feel and open tonal response that allows the true character of your guitar to come through. The treble and bass response is extended beyond the range of traditional active pickups and has been carefully balanced with a slightly scooped midrange for the perfect crunch.


This pickup excels at screaming pinched harmonics and is articulate enough for hyper-speed riffage, with responsive dynamics across the entire fretboard. Pair it with the Blackouts neck humbucker for a perfectly matched set. If your metal goes into extended-range depths, Blackouts are also available in 7- and 8-string versions.


With clear highs and crushingly tight lows, these pickups will make your riffs speak all the way down to low B or dropped A (for 7-strings) and low F# or dropped E (for 8-strings). No matter how much gain you run, these pickups can handle it, with a dead-quiet, muscular performance.


Whether your instrument is routed for passive or active pickups, there is a Blackout that will fit it. These high-output active pickups come with the pots, hardware, quick-connector cables, capacitor (active pickups require a special cap value), output jack, battery clip, and wire needed for installation. If your guitar already has active pickups with quick-connector cables, you should be able to simply unplug them and plug in your Blackouts.


7 string neck positions have an Alnico 5 magnet.





    - 5 Pieces Maple - Mahogany - Maple - Mahogany - Asymmetric neck profile

    - 2 pieces solid Ashwood body

    - Ebony inlays

    - Brass Back Cover and Emblem

    - Maple Fret board

    - Hipshot Locking Tuners

    - Custom Brass Nut

    - Seymour Duncan Blackouts 7 strings Calibrated set

    - Three way switch

    - Bolt on neck

    - ABM Individual Saddles

    - Multi scale Fanned 24 Fret with a 27 inch scale length at the bass side and 25.5 at the treble side.   

    - Pearl White Finish 

    - Custom Guitar Made in Malta

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