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Roland TD-9K, DrumKit, Drum Kit, Drums, Percussion

Roland TD-9K


This Roland TD-9K is in brilliant condition, everything works like new, only a few marks of use could be seen on the kit. The snare drum on this kit has been upgraded to a TD-12 snare, having more bounce and a higher sensitivity. The ride is a tri[ple-trigger ride upgraded from the dual-trigger ride cymbal that it comes with. All the rest is standard. Was purchased at  €1800 this kit is being sold at less than half that price for €850. Grab a drum kit at this bargain price from surely the leading electronic drum kit manufacturing company, Roland. 


Here's what Roland say about the TD9K:

For drummers who want a cost effective Roland V-Drums electronic drum kit, the V-Tour TD-9K offers all of the features and advantages of the TD-9KX but with rubber tom pads instead of mesh and a dual-trigger ride cymbal.


With the new Roland TD-9 advanced sound engine at its core, the mid-range V-Tour TD-9K V-Drums electronic kit is loaded with fresh sounds, and offers a deeper level of expression with new and even more realistic, natural sounds. The TD-9 electronic drum kit offers expanded practice functions, and new improved Drum Hardware for set up flexibility with new cymbal-arms and ball-clamps for snares and cymbals. Together with Roland's most advanced triggering technology, the TD-9K V-Drums electronic drum kit is destined to become a big hit with drummers worldwide.


The TD-9 drum module is the basis of Roland's new mid-line V-Drums drum with 50 drum kits and 522 drum instruments.The Roland TD-9 drum module features a 128 x 64 dots backlit LCD display with oversized buttons and controls. A user-friendly, icon-based interface makes editing sounds and customizing kits fast and fun. Play along with real-audio backing songs to build your musical experience base. Use the USB port to play along with .WAV audio files, back up your data, or save a ”quick record“ performance. The "Quick Record“ and "Quick Play“ features of the Roland TD-9 module allow you to immediately record and play back solo drum parts, or drum parts performed with the backing songs. Special connecting cable allows for fast, clean and easy connection to the pads.


Roland's new SCOPE function featured on the TD-9K, allows you to visualize in real time the timing of your playing on each pad versus a metronome pulse. The Scope function is an excellent feature for improving your timing accuracy.


    -1 x TD-9 Soundmodule, 
    -1 x PDX-8 Snarepad (upgraded)
    -3 x PD-8 Tompad
    -1 x CY-5 HiHat-Pad
    -1 x FD-8 HiHat-Controller
    -2 x CY-8 Cymbal-Pad (1 of which was upgraded)
    -1 x KD-8 Kicktrigger
    -1 x MDS-9 Roland Drumrack.

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