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Theremin Deluxe B3

Burns Theremins | B3 Deluxe Theremin

Now you can own the B3 Deluxe Theremin !! This used B3 is in a good condition. Housed in an enclosure built specifically for the B3 Deluxe model, this case provides 18 inches of separation between the pitch and volume antennas.

This theremin is hand built with specific attention to detail, quality and economy.


This theremin has a five octave range. Pitch range is easily set for a comfortable 2.5 feet (arm's length) and can be adjusted.

The B3 Deluxe Theremin's enclosure is a custom-built wooden cabinet and coated with a uniform black texture finish that resists fingerprints.


All you'll need to add to this theremin is an amplifier and a cable to connect it to the B3 Deluxe's 1/4 inch jack to be up and playing.


When playing your theremin, keep it at least 2 feet away from metal objects as they can affect performance. Make sure the telescoping antenna is fully extended. Move away from working computers as their fields will also compromise the theremins performance.


The knob on the right adjusts starting pitch. Most people set it so the pitch goes up as your hand moves toward the antenna. The knob on the left turns the B3 Deluxe on and adjusts overall volume. Volume goes down as your hand moves toward the volume antenna.


 *Stand is not included


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