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CITES newly added laws - Dalbergia Latifolia and more wood types

As of the 2nd of January 2017, a new law has been introduced that will affect how Rosewoods are traded across borders. As you well might be aware, most guitar fretboards and bridges are made out of Rosewood and that will have a heavy impact on how easy it is to purchase a guitar with Rosewood.

It does NOT apply to guitars (or other instruments) that are being traded within the borders of one country, but any time an instrument with Rosewood is sold internationally it requires CITES certification.

Dalbergia Latifolia CITES Malta

We can ship any instruments containing Rosewood anywhere around the globe although we would need to go through the necessary CITES procedures, and that will take somewhere around the 2 to 4 weeks period to get the green light.

We will now be expecting more price increase for guitars that contain rosewood over the coming months so if you have your eyes on a particular instrument we recommend buying sooner rather than later. It may be considered as an investment having that the wood is now being highly protected. Therefore its demand will increase on the decrease of its supply ;-)

The environment is definitely a very important concern for us here at Sun-Sounds. All guitars are given to us thanks to our Earth and its environment. This is our fair share of respecting and following the authorities in constraining production with such laws. This will by time help consumerism take various other paths and hence help protect what we have to decrease the chances of losing certain flora for ever.

Guitar Rosewood permit Malta, Europe

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