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Sun-Sounds – madly in love with music!


Sun-Sounds was founded in 2014 and we’re still going strong! The inspiration came from our passion for music and our wish to surround our lives with it. Throughout this time Sun-Sounds has evolved into much more than just a music shop.


Here at Sun-Sounds we offer various types of music related services. We sell all kinds of music instrument gear, starting from vintage and used guitars, bass guitars, pianos, percussions, drum kits and much more. We also have a wide range of new guitars and amps which we distribute and supply to the Maltese island musicians. We buy our used instruments from local musicians, overseas and also from those leaving the island . So if you’re making plans to leave and can’t take your guitar with you ... don’t worry – just get in touch and we'll make you an offer!


We also rent guitars for anyone who couldn't travel with their own, and also offer a good selection of instruments and hardware for rent as backline. So if you're a band traveling or a solo artist just visiting we got you covered.


One of our services is  that of offering repairs and restorations on stringed instruments, amplifiers, pedals and drum kits. 

Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons; at the core of SunSounds' creation, tuition was the very first idea for the name. The idea kicked in so well at the time that the shop, along with all its services, came into existence. Now we have dedicated our energies to create a SunSounds Studio in Sliema, Malta, solely created for tuition. We offer one to one lessons for guitar and piano with crazy good musicians there to get you where you have always desired to be as a musician. 


But our strength lies in communication. We treat each visitor individually. We do our best to make every person feel at ease when visiting our Sun-Sounds Music Shop in Sliema, Malta. Our aim is that every time a musician looks out for something related to music, Sun-Sounds would a name that pops up in one's brainy results. We try to help everyone in the best manner possible even in areas that we have not yet explored, creating a concept of a one stop shop for our music industry.

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Our Values

  • Trust. Trust through actions. The relationship built with the musicians surrounding us and those that visit our shop is the most important aspect in which we strive on.

  • Passion. Passion for music. We are passionate about what we do, having a team which is madly in love with music.


  • Respect. Respecting our visitors. We do our utmost in showing respect to our visitors, working with each one of them individually.

  • Creativity. Creativity in our field. It comes natural to us, we are good at what we do and totally different from all the rest, with a minimilist approach and a sustainable business model, you'll just love what we do.

Hey you! If you are reading this; we would definetely love to meet you in person and host you here at our shop in Sliema!

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