Rent your instruments at Sun-Sounds

The backline and drums are very important gear for a stage performance, but in the meantime these are hard to transport too. We love to see as many artists as possible perform their music on stage, and therefore, Sun-Sounds lends a helping hand by the means of its instrument rental in Malta. We hire a vast list of instruments and in cases where we do not have the particular models requested we work along many other local musicians to give you the best service that we possibly can.

Drum kits

We have a black Premier drum kit for rent. Alternatively, the high-end drum kits Sonor SQ2 and DW Collector Series are also available.

Guitar and bass amplifiers

We have several guitar and bass amplifiers for rent. We can offer the guitar amplifiers Engl Invader, Marshall Valvestate and a Selmer Treble n' Bass. As for Bass amplification we hire an Ashdown EVO ll 900 and a Marshall JCM 800 bass series all valve, all including head and cabinet.

Keyboards, Synthesizers and Organs

Our Keyboard, Synthesizer and Organ backline instrument rentals. Wether you need it for a performance or a studio session, we have you sorted. 

PA, Mixers, Studio Monitors, Preamps

Equipment for studio or even backline used available for rent. Get in touch for pricing. Leasing of this equipment is per day. 

Guitars and basses

We would also be able to rent out certain instruments from our personal used guitar and bass collection on request.



Sun-Sounds will deliver the rented instruments, set it up and perform a line check for you if necessary. After your use, we will dismantle the equipment hired and pack it back up.



On request we will provide a quote for you on a per day basis for the leased instruments. Should you require instruments for more days we will work out a better price together.

Backline Malta - Instrument Rental