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Sell your instruments at Sun-Sounds

There is the famous question we always ask when we are about to sell a music instrument...

"How do I sell my Guitar?" or "How do I sell music instruments in Malta?"

Here we offer you 3 options to sell you guitars or musical instruments in Malta.

  • We BUY used guitars and Music Instrument Gear

  • We TRADE in guitars and other Music Instrument Gear

  • We SELL your gear at our Shop at a commission rate

Easily annoyed by difficult, bargaining buyers? Looking for a place to sell your vintage or used instruments hassle-free? Sell your guitar or instrument here at our Sun Sounds Music Shop in Malta! You won‘t get into the trouble of meeting a lot of possible buyers and time wasters, nevertheless, you will get the right price for your guitar, drum kit or other instrument.

We BUY used guitars and Music Instrument Gear

Whether it’s used or vintage, mint condition or a little beat up – we would love a chance to make you an offer. The best way to accomplish this is for you to get in touch with us with your available gear and as mush info as you know about what you're selling ... Either through the form below, through email ( or visiting our Music shop in Sliema, Malta.

Get your money faster. When you accept our offer, you will get paid on the day.


What do you have? While our focus is typically used, vintage guitars and basses, we also buy amps, effect pedals, drum kits, equipment, specialty instruments and more. Sun-Sounds is the most active buyer of vintage and used instruments on the island/s. 

We TRADE in guitars and other Music Instrument Gear

Should you be looking to upgrade your guitar / gear or just opting for a change of sound. We offer you the opportunity to trade in your guitar here at our shop. All you need to do is get in touch with us and let us know what you've got and what you are looking to exchange it with. We will then guide you on how we would be able to make the trade. That is either we add or you add money to the instrument you'd be wanting to trade in for. 

We SELL your gear at our Shop at a commission rates

If the offer from our first option above does not satisfy your expectation we also offer the service to sell your gear for you at our store against a commission rate. 

We have the experience and expertise to evaluate your instrument. Then expose your instrument/s to the targeted buyers from all over the globe and in Malta. Our selling rate is incredibly high due to our network and reach towards buyers.


Selling your instrument on consignment with us means leaving the item at us and then receiving your requested amount once the item has been sold. During the time that your guitar / instrument is in our custody you would also have the freedom to collect your instrument at any point in time. 

Here is a list of our recently sold items take a look: LINK

We will work as an intermediary between you and the buyer and help you selling your instrument by taking high quality pictures and promoting your instrument through our various marketing methods. Our fee is as follows, we take a commission fee of 15% on items that cost more than €1000 and 20% for those under that amount. You can entrust us with your instrument to be sold at the best possible prices.


Why hesitate any longer? Sell your guitar in Malta!


We have already brokered instruments from the brands: Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, PRS, Epiphone, Musicman, Ibanez, Dan Electro, Silvertone, Hofner, EKO, Fender, Orange, Marshall, Vox, Reverend, Takamine, Martin & Co Guitars, Roland, Sonor, Pearl, Tama, Ludwig and much more. 

Sell your guitar

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