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Ever imagined owning your own music shop; Sun-Sounds is a great investment opportunity for anyone who is a musician or a music aficionado looking for a dream job. This has been our adventure for the last 9 years and we are now ready to spread our wings and take this on in another part of the continent.


The Sun-Sounds’ idea has commenced in 2014. A dream of a person to work within the music industry, experimenting with new methods of communication and reaching out to possible clients to sell music related products online. It developed in much more, and still growing strong. 

Sun-Sounds is made up of a small music shop located in Sliema and a studio down the road from it. We have found ourselves being the most advanced in our online and marketing presence when compared with all other local music shops. 

We are a team of two people with a music background but mainly with an artistic vision in the business world. We look at this Music Shop Business as an adventure, a fun game, a creative one allowing us to test out any of the ideas we come up with. Being innovative is our key. We strive to share our positive energy amongst local and foreign fans.

Sun-Sounds is mainly operated from our shop in Sliema, Malta. We do our best to make our music shop look interesting with our always-changing stock, unique items and ongoing online presence. We specialise on reaching out to musicians and giving a helping hand whenever and wherever we can. Selling music instrument accessories, new and used instruments and also offering services such as instrument rentals, instrument repairs, restorations as well as guitar and piano lessons and rehearsal space. 

55, Blanche Street
Sliema, Malta
SLM 2052
Tel. +356 79016222 

The shop is open 5 days a week, we currently work a 5-day work week of 29hours, by choice. A great life/work balance. 

If you are interested in working in a Mediterranean climate and flying distance to all major European cities, Malta is a perfect place to settle and raise a family in a safe environment with mostly English speaking population, communication is not a problem. Clientele are mainly expats in any case. 

The rent for the shop would be 700€ per Month.

The total monthly overhead costs including, water and electricity and internet are around 100€ per month.

The studio is rented out for 180€ for the next 4 years with costs of 50€ more per month. 

The business will be sold for the price of its current stock cost which hovers from 50,000 to 70,000€ and a goodwill of 40,000€; at this price you will get access to the all the brands the business distributes and supplies, shop rental contract inc. usage of all it's furniture + equipment, studio and all equipment, website with all products and rights over images.  

Property Information


Sliema is in central Malta accessible from all of Malta within a 30 minute drive.

Most densely populated city in Malta. Many high rise buildings all around with thousands of people living within a stone's throw away. 


Premises Details:

One main shop area, hosting 3 to 4 clients at a time.

1 back room with shelving, 1 toilet with shower and a loft store with shelving.

Front entrance and a back window leading to a shaft.

Full LED lighting and air conditioned.

Size in square meters:

21 Sq.m.

Business Operation

Expansion Potential:

Increase of working hours and days of the week is the easiest way to increase income.

Also going into other music industry departments such as woodwind instruments and cymbals.


Competition / Market:

No music shop within Sliema, so that gives you quite a good advantage. 

There are many other music shops in Malta, but none that quite do the same thing. 

Reasons for selling:

Moving abroad. 

Trading hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


1 and 2 to 3 tutors at a time.

Years established:

10 Years.

Other Information

Support & training:

I will continue to work with the prospective buyer until they are comfortable enough to allow me to leave with confidence.

Interested??? Send us an email: 

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