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AfroTon Ritual Drum


In shamanism, the drum is used for two basic purposes: to shift your state of consciousness or to move energy.


When the shaman wants to journey they need to shift to a different state to be able to journey. The drum helps do that. The shaman needs to make a similar shift if they want to be able to see beyond their eyes. The shaman also uses the drum to call in the spirits. When you call in the spirits you are literally calling helping/healing spirits to enter the room, but with the spirits come their energy. The shaman can also send unhealthy energy away using the drum. So in this way, the shaman can use the drum to direct energy.


This drum has been brought to us by AfroTon, for more than 20 years Afroton has been dedicated to bringing you the world of rhythms and sounds. Afroton drums are manufactured to exact specifications in selected production sites in the Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali and Ghana.


- Wooden frame

- Tunable goatskin head

- With mallet

- Medium sized ritual instrument with warm sound

- Lovingly decorated

- Indonesia

- Ø 30cm

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