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UDU instrument malta

AfroTon Udu - APT 861

The udu is a plosive aerophone and an idiophone of the Igbo of Nigeria. In the Igbo language, ùdù means 'vessel'. Actually being a water jug with an additional hole, it was played by Igbo women for ceremonial uses. Usually the udu is made of clay. The instrument is played by hand. The player produces a bass sound by quickly hitting the big hole. There are many ways that the pitches can be changed, depending on how the hand above the small upper hole is positioned. Furthermore, the whole corpus can be played by fingers. Today it is widely used by percussionists in different music styles.



*Pillow not included


- Earthen pot with two openings

- Bright, bongo-like tones when playing on the body, bass tones when hitting the holes

- Popular for simulating the heartbeat

- Origin in Nigeria, now widespread in West Africa and Latin America

- Ghana

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