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Almansa 403 Cedro Classical Guitar malta

Almansa 403 Cedro Classical Guitar | Made in Spain


Guitarras Almansa was born in 1989 as the result of coalition of the finest Flamenco and Classic guitar craftsmen Spain had to offer. In over 100 years, nothing has changed. You can still expect the highest quality woods, lovingly worked by expert hands.


This particular Spanish beauty is used, but the condition is more than mint ! The Model 403 offers a more detailed machine head. This Almansa instrument was handmade in Spain using traditional Spanish heel construction. This method of construction is expensive, durable, and most importantly, allows the instrument’s; materials to act as one and project a beautiful voice. The most sought-after classical guitars handmade by the most respected Luthiers are constructed using this Spanish heel method.





    - Dexterity Right-Handed
    - String Configuration 6 String
    - Solid Cedar top
    - Laminated Mahogany Neck, Back and Sides
    - Fingerboard Indian Rosewood 
    - Indian Rosewood Bindings
    - Width at nut 52 mm 
    - Scale length 65 cm

    - Country: Spain

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