AMPLIFIRE | Amp tone & Multi-effects pedal

AMPLIFIRE | Amp tone & Multi-effects pedal


Here we have a used AmpliFire - an exceptional amp tone and multi-effects pedal. Pedal is in a perfect working condition.  A powerful and portable device, it is small enough to fit in the front pocket of a gig bag yet potent enough to please even the most discriminating tube amp purists and effects aficionados.  With its world-class, patented amp modeling technology and the ability to load 3rd party speaker impulses it can faithfully recreate the experience of playing through the greatest guitar amps of all-time.


Amplifire is designed as an instrument that guitar players, wanted for themselves. This meant it had to sound/feel authentic and amazing while being easy-to-use, transport and be road rugged all without breaking the bank.

Amplifire is equally capable of being a complete rig replacement or part of a larger pedal board and/or outboard processing rig. 



- All new, state-of-the-art amp modeling based on Studio Devil’s highly acclaimed and patented technology

- Robust effects selection including drive, modulation, delay, reverb, eq, gate and more.

- 3 configurable and rugged footswitches

- Easy to use as a pedal or connect it to your desktop interface for recording

- Blazing dual-DSP powered hardware allowing for complex and detailed algorithms

- Dedicated, physical amp control knobs for intuitive tone adjustments

- 128 MIDI controllable presets (yep, you can plug a midi controller into AmpliFire for extended control)

- PC & Mac desktop editor

- Stereo 1024 point cabinet impulses with ability to upload 3rd party IRs

- Versatile I/O options including ¼” Hi Z input with proprietary processing, separate stereo ¼” and XLR outputs and user programmable effects loop


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