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Behringer ACOUSTIC ADI21

Behringer ACOUSTIC ADI21


Slightly used  Behringer  V-Tone ADI21 acoustic amp modeler is essential for your piezo-equipped acoustic-electric guitar. Replacing your artificial, lifeless sound with one that is rich, loud, and electrifying, the ADI21 combines the features of an active DI box with proprietary microphone/tube emulation circuitry. The result is a warm, natural-sounding acoustic guitar tone that will leave you satisfied. Make no mistake, the ADI21 will embue your amplified acoustic guitar with enormous tonal versatility with its 3-band EQ and flexible blend control. The Behringer V-Tone ADI21 acoustic amp modeler also functions as a capable active DI box.



- Authentic microphone/tube emulation modeling circuitry provides natural warmth and presence

- Ultra-musical 3-band EQ with sweepable mids for tone-sculpting and feedback control

- Super-high impedance to retain maximum signal integrity and dynamics

- Dual DI mode lets you bypass tube/microphone emulation for standard active DI functionality

- Ground lift switch eliminates typical ground loop problems


    - Pedal Type: Acoustic Amp Modeler/Preamp/DI Box

    - Inputs:1 x 1/4"

    - Outputs:1 x 1/4"

    - Batteries:1 x 9V

    - Height:5"

    - Width:3.9"

    - Depth:2"

    - Weight:1.01 lbs.

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