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Black Tiger | MC Guitars

MC Guitars Black Tiger | Made in Malta

Here we have an amazing one of a kind guitar; 100% made in Malta - We present you with the MC Black Tiger. Built and designed with the all new and in-house built MC Guitars CNC machine. The very first from this production to be put on sale! 


The MC Guitars Black Tiger is a 6 String Custom, featuring a stunning cerused finished Ash body, 24 frets on a maple fretboard with a 5 piece laminated neck. Two humbuckers with a 5-way switch for a variety of tone selections. 25.5-inch scale length and fully loaded with Graphtech hardware.


Manicaro Custom Guitars are instruments fully made in Malta. These guitars are the result of a passion & desire to create an instrument for any individual. From 6 strings, 7 strings and even multiscale instruments, every guitar is made to a specific detail. Get in touch for more info or drop by our shop to try out the collection of these guitars. 

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