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Blackstar HT 5 Metal | 5 W Tube Guitar Amp Head


Part of their HT Metal Series, the Blackstar HT METAL 5H 5 W head is a tube-driven metal monster that lets you produce high-gain madness through your favorite cab without drawing the wrath of your neighbors. Amp is slightly used.


 It can handle tones from classic British heavy metal to modern U.S. scooped high gain, and all sonic places in between. 

It features two foot-switchable channels: Clean and Overdrive, and presents shared controls for Reverb, Treble, Mids, Bass and ISP - Blackstar's patented Infinite Shape Feature that gives infinite adjustment over your tone characteristics. The Overdrive channel has independent Volume and Gain controls; and the Clean channel has independent Tone and Volume knobs.


Based on the award-winning HT-5RH, the HT METAL 5H gets a complete cosmetic and sonic overhaul – delivering an ultra high gain amp that’s specifically designed to meet the demands of today’s metal guitarists.



- 5 W tube power

- Two channels: Clean and Overdrive

- Digital stereo reverb

- Patented Infinite Shape Feature

- FX loop with +4dBV/-10dBV level switch

- Metal grille

- Tubes: one ECC83; one 12BH7



€350.00 Regular Price
€245.00Sale Price
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