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Bugera PS1 Passive Power Soak

Bugera PS1 Passive Power Soak


Back in stock! Mint condition!

Bugera's PS1 is a 100-watt tube amplifier attenuator that helps you achieve thick cranked-amp tone at much more manageable volumes. By placing it between your tube amp's speaker output and your speaker, you can turn your amp to its max, while bringing the volume down via the PS1. The attenuator's Emulated Mic Output simulates the feel and sound of a great speaker cab and sends that tone direct to the console — perfect for recording or live performance without a mic. If you love the sound of your amp cranked up, you'll want to put a Bugera PS1 in your collection.


Tube amp volume levels are an issue we all deal with. Our amps need to get to a sweet spot for them to perform their best. Unfortunately, those sweet spots can be prohibitively loud. Not with the Bugera PS1 passive power attenuator. You're able to send your tube amp's full power signal into the PS1, while taming the volume to a whisper without affecting your tone.


The Bugera PS1 comes complete with a speaker-cabinet-emulated XLR direct output. This means, by running a standard XLR cable from this output directly to your console, you can record or perform with the sound of a well-recorded speaker cabinet without having a microphone onstage. Sweetwater players find this incredibly useful for effortlessly recording great tones.



- Offers cranked tones from your amp without oppressive volume levels

- Emulated XLR output offers miked-up tones without the microphone

- 1/4" line output allows for the use of speaker impulse responses in your DAW

- Handles up to 100 watts of tube power

- Inputs for 4, 8, and 16 ohms handle any tube amp

- Soak control handles the PS1's speaker volume

- Line control handles the 1/4" line output volume

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