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Chak Chak - Nut Shaker

Chak Chak - Nut Shaker


In the Greater Antilles, it is also known as a maraca, a term that has its roots in the Guarani word mbaraka. However, in the Antillean islands of Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada, St. Vincent, Barbados, St. Lucia and Martinique, the term maraca is not used to describe the music but is rather associated with Cuban, Venezuelan and American music. They are often made of hollow gourds with beans placed on the inside to make the shaking noise. You will often see them used in steel bands, typically from the Caribbean. The chak-chak can be heard in the piece "Ol' Time Calypso" by Roger Gibbs. It can be heard keeping the rhythm in the background of the music. Another wonderful authentic percussion instrument brought to us by Afro-Ton.


- Soft, enchanting sound, calming

- To shake, can also be played gently with your fingers

- Ritual instrument from the Andes

- For meditation, therapy and shamanistic practice

- Colombia

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