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CSL MAC2S Gypsy Jazz Guitar | 1980s

CSL MAC2S Gypsy Jazz Guitar | 1980s


Csl "the rebirth of djangos guitar". Maccafferi himself was involved in the production of this guitar. A Custom pickup has been set in this guitar in Britain a couple of years ago. 

Back in 1974, CSL (Newcastle in the U.K.) were offering a Japanese made model “The Gypsy” guitar as an authentic Maccaferri D-hole replica. List price was £100 including hard case. For comparison, a Martin D-28 cost around £400 at that time.  In 1981, Summerfield were advertising a new, Ibanez-built “Maccaferri” (D-hole again), endorsed by Mario Maccaferri as “better than the original…”.

CSL MAC 2S vintage 1980s mij Selmer-Maccaferri Django gypsy jazz guitar also including an original CSL case - "Transitional Model" Petite Bouche/Oval Soundhole, but 640mm. 

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