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DOD Digital Delay/Sampler DFX94

This second hand DFX94 is a digital delay, but it’s also a sampler as well, and boasts a full FOUR SECONDS of delay time, which was pretty unheard of at the time it was introduced, and is still pretty lengthy even by today’s modern standards.


The DFX94 Digital Delay / Sampler was introduced in late 1993, effectively replacing the DFX91 as the "pro"-level delay in DOD's lineup. At the time, the DFX94 was (to the best of our knowledge) the only compact digital delay pedal to offer 4 seconds of delay time. (The Boss DD-5, introduced in 1995, offered only 2 seconds of delay but also offered reverse delay and tap tempo, among other features.) The DFX94's basic circuit was similar to the DFX91, but with a maximum of 4 seconds of delay or sampling time instead of 1 second. The DFX94 was effectively discontinued with the announcement of the (never produced) DFX98 at Winter Namm 1998.

- Controls: two LEDs (left LED indicates delay effect is on; when the Range/Mode switch is set to Sample, the right LED is lit after a sampled phrase is recorded

- Level

- Repeat

- Delay

- 6-position Range/Mode rotary switch:

up to 250 ms of delay

up to 1 s

up to 4 s

- Infinite repeat

- Trigger

- Sample


Recommended battery type: alkaline batteries should be used

Made in USA

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