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EKO Violin-shaped hollow body electric bass, Electric Bass, Guitar, Electric Guitar

EKO Violin-shaped hollow body electric bass


Circa 1965-1968 EKO model 995 violin Bass. Like any other italian guitar/bass this one is finished heavily resulting in some weather checking which happens throughout the years, it is a very light bass, completely hollow sporting a lovely slim bolt on neck and the wierdest headstock ever (probably inspired from Framus guitars) the pickups on this bass are pretty low output like any other italian guitar from the era , comes with all original parts incl. pickguard ,finger rest, machine heads , bridge and pickups , the only thing which is not original is the toggle switch which has been changed , the original will still be supplied ... another great feature is the easliy adjusted truss rod from the bottom of the neck , the bass also comes with original case .


    -Maple Body
    -Fingerboard: Rosewood
    -Fingerboard inlay: Dots
    -Neck joint: Bolt on
    -Slim Neck Profile
    -All-metal tuners
    -Adjustable bridge w/Cover
    -1 volume, 1 tone, 3 way pickup switch

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