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ENGL Invader 100 Head


Heyy what a beast! Newly in - briefly used ENGL Amplifier.

The basic layout of the Invader consists of an all tube driven head, that features 8 different gain stages in 4 separate channels that include four separate EQs.

Powered by 4 EL 34 Tubes the Invader delivers a total amount of 100 watts. The idea behind the Invader is that guitarists need most flexibility and control for any given playing situation. Easy to handle +¦ just focusing on pure tube tone.

The Invader achieves that with a new concept: This amp does not feature the classic 4 channel head layout of a Clean- Crunch- Rhythm- Lead channel.
The Invader is different.

Named Channel 1, 2, 3, 4, these channels are able to produce different Overdrive / Gain structures +¦ each one from Crunch to High Gain. Every Overdrive Voicing in the channels is different.

In conjunction with the Hi / Lo gain switch, which can be remote controlled and a separate EQ section for each channel, there will be no limits except the guitarist creativity.

Channel 1:
Silken Clean to Crispy Crunch

Channel 2:
Fat & Bulky Crunch to NU-Rock / Metal Rhythm / Lead

Channel 3:
Tight Warm Crunch to Classic Dynamic Rock / Metal

Channel 4:
Modern Crunch to Singing Harmonic Leads

    • SPECS

      - 4 channels

      - Four 3-stage EQs incl. logarithmic treble curve

      - Bright switch for Channels 1 and 2

      - Separate Gain and Volume controls for each channel

      - Hi / Lo Gain switch

      - Noise Gate with threshold adjust

      - 2 parallel FX loops

      - 4 x ECC 83 / 12 AX 7 preamp tubes

      - Tuner out activated via standby switch.

      - 100 watts (4 EL34 tubes)

      - Master A/B switch

      - Presence and Depth Punch control for poweramp sound shaping

      - Electronic Tube Protection circuit and powertube monitoring system.

      - Jack for ENGL Z-9 footswitch

      - Jack for ENGL Z-4 footswitch

      - Speaker outs 2 x 4, 2 x 8, 1 x 16 ohms

      - MIDI programmable functions at a glance, storable in any combination as required: Channel switching, Master A / B, Bright, Hi / Lo Gain, FX Loop 1 and 2, noise gate, amp mute (tuner)

      - Dimensions & Weight: 71 x 27 x 29 cm, 21 kg

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