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ENGL Thunder 50 E320 Tube Combo


The beauty of this all-tube Thunder Combo guitar amp is rooted in simplicity. This amp is found in great condition. It has been underestimated for its power and couldn't be used as a practice amp. 

With its uncluttered, sensibly arrayed control features, it gives you everything you need to quickly and easily dial in first-class sound--that unmistakable warm, creamy and extremely dynamic tube tone ENGL is known for. Quality components, excellent workmanship and strict quality control ensure this amp will retain its value. 

It features a 50W into 8 or 16 ohms, 3 channels, Master volume and Reverb.

    • SPECS

      - Rated power: approx. 50 watts at 8 or 16 ohms

      - V1 (input-tube): ECC 83/12AX7, FQ Grade
      - V2, V3: ECC 83/12AX7 selected
      - V4: ECC 83/12AX7 standard
      - V7, V8: 5881 (6L6GC) matched set

      - External: 1,25 AM (medium) at 230 volts; 2,5 AM (medium) in the 100 and 120 volt models
      - Internal: 1,6 AT (slow) at 230 volts; 3,15 AT (slow) in the 100 and 120 volt models
      - Dimensions: 29"W x 17-3/4"H x 10"D
      - Weight: 49 lbs. (22 kg)

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