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EVH Guitars Malta

EVH Wolfgang | Heavily modded | inc scalloped neck

Here we have an EVH wolfgang heavily modded and customised towards a unique Van Halen Malmsteen hybrid. The neck has been replaced with a fully customised scalloped fretboard one piece wenge neck. It has been built to spec by a Italian Luthier with a asymmetrical neck profile and a 16" radius stainless steel medium jumbo frets. It comes along with a super modded gold Floyd Rose, which includes upgraded stainless steel inserts and a brass block. A Tremol-No system has also been added to quickly lock and unlock the Tremolo at just finger tightening a screw at the back. The pickups are hand wound Bare Knuckle pickups called Nail Bombs; they are high output pickups with a puchy mid-range that will certainly blow you away with their responsive aggressive sounds. We estimate that there were upgrades of 1400€+ on this one. 


    -One Piece Wenge
    -Scalloped Fretboard
    -Stainless Steel Medium Jumbo Frets
    -Mother of Pearl inslays
    -16" radius frets
    -Modern elliptical (accemeterical)  


    -EVH Bass wood 
    -Solid Body
    -Two Piece body


    -Bare Knucle Nail Bombs Pickups 
    -Switchcraft three way switch
    -Switchcraft input jack
    -Shielded cavities


    -Original Gold Floyd Rose
    -Upgraded floyd rose stainless steel inserts
    -Upgraded floyd rose brass block
    -Kiesel Gold Locking Machine Heads
    -Temol-no System
    -Schaller Strap Locks in Gold
    -Gold Knobs

€950.00 Regular Price
€850.00Sale Price
Out of Stock
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