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Fender Acoustasonic 30 DSP | Acoustic Guitar Amp

Fender Acoustasonic 30 DSP | Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Amp


Natural Sound Production for Acoustic Musicians!

Here is a used in very good condition Fender's Acoustasonic 30 DSP which is an upgraded version of the top-selling Acoustasonic 30. It's a portable, easy-to-use combo amp designed for natural-sounding reproduction of acoustic/electric guitar and vocals. The onboard DSP effects add extra versatility and excitement.


The Acoustasonic 30 DSP boasts a 30-watt power amplifier driving an 8" foam-surround woofer with a tweeter. Two separate Instrument and Microphone channels contain individual EQ controls, Phase switch for feedback reduction, FX Select, and FX Level. Fender's patented String Dynamics control tames harsh treble notes on the Instrument channel.


Phantom power is supplied at the XLR Mic Input, and the Line Output allows direct input to any mixer. Handcrafted DSP effects include Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Vibratone, and more, all optimized especially for acoustic performers.



- Type: Solid State

- Output: 30 Watts

- Speakers: 1-8" Fender Special Design Foster Culver, 8 ohm, 50 watt Speaker

- Channels: 2 Channels, (Instrument and Mic)

- Chorus (Remote Switchable, Using Optional Footswitch

- 3-Band EQ

- "String Dynamics" Control (Gives a Bright Tone Without the Harshness of Pick Transients)

- Piezo/Instrument Input in First Channel

- Low Impedance XLR Mic Input in Second Channel

- Spring Reverb

- Line Out,

- Footswitch Jack

- Tilt Back Wedge Cabinet Design

- Closed Back

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