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Fender Aerodyne 4 String JAZZ Bass | Japan

Fender Aerodyne Bass | ABJ-M | MIJ

One of the rarest Fender Japan basses you will come across! These basses are highly sought after (especially this particular finish). We were lucky enough to stumble upon one that we were able to bring to our shop. Medium scale (32”) Aerodyne Jazz basses in vintage white. It's a Japanese domestic only model. 


This version of the Aerodyne Jazz is similar to the other Japan non-export models, except that it has two J-style pickups instead of a stock P/J pickup configuration. It also has a medium 32"- scale length (812,8 mm) which plays just like a regular Jazz Bass with a capo at the first fret. The medium scale permits the use of slightly heavier gauge strings while retaining the same "feel" (string tension) as a standard long 34"-scale bass. Production of this model began in 2003 (prior to the introduction of the USA model) and the earliest examples had the model number AJB-90M/DJ. 


Unlike the black standard scale AJB’s in which you would normally get it at a 30" standard scale AJB. It’s an awesome looking bass which weights in at around 3.7kg. It’s a U-Serial Made in Japan model. From what we can understand it was built between 2010 and 2011.


Like all other AJB’s it features a carved top & bound body. It has a matching headstock and black body binding. Everything is factory specifications except for the strap buttons which have been replaced to locking ones. The rosewood fingerboard is nice and dark. It has had no breaks, repairs or mods with marks of use and small dings around the body that give it quite a cool mojo-loved instrument look to it.  The neck is nice and straight, with plenty of life left in the frets.  Complete with a fender gig bag.






    - Serial Number – U030079
    - Year – 2010/11
    - Colour – Vintage White
    - Body Finish – Gloss
    - Body Wood – Alder
    - Neck Finish – Gloss
    - Neck Wood – Maple
    - Fretboard – Rosewood
    - Frets – 20
    - Scale Length – 32’ MEDIUM SCALE
    - Electronics – Passive
    - Gigbag/Hardcase – Gigbag

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