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Fender Jaguar USA, Guitar, Electric Guitar

Fender Jaguar USA


Fender introduced the Jaguar guitar in 1962 as the fourth and last instrument in it's original standard guitar lineup. Preceded by the Telecaster (1951), the Stratocaster (1954) an the Jazzmaster (1958), the Jaguar was the only one of Fender's big-four guitars born in the 1960's. It was in several ways the most distinctive among them. It's relatively smaller size notwithstanding, however, the Jaguar was indeed billed as Fender's new top-line guitar. The proff was on the price tag - $375.50 for a sunburst-finish Jaguar in 1962. For a Fender, it was an expensive guitar. 


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    This beautiful 73' Jaguar is a real Rock'n'Roll relic. Having been on the front-lines for quite a while, the guitar's Nitro-finish is pretty much all checked and worn. It's a Gem!! *this is of course a subject of opinion (fender do sell lots of 'relic' custon shop models)


    The Jaguar has 22 frets and a significantly shorter 24" scale length. Features a bound Rosewood neck with Mother of Pearl 'block' inlays original 'F'-style machine heads. Jazzmaster Style Floating Tremolo Bridge with a String Mute which is still fully intact. Also comes with it's original Fender hard shell case w/orange plush interior. *note: the only work which was carried out on this guitar is a professional re-fretting using the same-size frets as orignal. 

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