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Fender Stratocaster 72 reissue | Japan | 1993

Fender Stratocaster 72 reissue | Japan | 1993


Fender Stratocaster 72 reissue from the 90s with that iconic Large headstock, a large modern logo and the 70s 3-point micro tilt neck joint plate.  Also featuring the bullet truss rod that can be adjusted from the headstock side unlike the 60s model which would have needed for the neck to come off to do so. This stratocaster has an amazing one piece maple neck, giving it a strong attack and a gorgeous treble range. The Pickups are the original ST japanese models, offering that authentic strat tone. The guitar is in overall great condition. 



    - Finish : Black gloss

    - Pickguard : Original White

    - Body material : Basswood

    - Neck material : one piece Maple

    - Fingerboard : Maple

    - Pickups : ST-Single Japan made

    - Weight : 3.6kg

    - Nutwitdh : 42.7mm

    - Scale : 25 1/2 "Long Scale Neck

    - Bridge : Classic Fender 6 saddle Bridge with tremolo arm

    - Back Spring Cover : not included

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