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Fender Stratocaster JV72' reissue | 82-84" | Japan Vintage

Fender Stratocaster JV72' reissue | 82-84" | Japan Vintage

Fender Japan '72 Stratocaster, in a cherry red finish, made in Japan between 1982 and 1984.


A little story behind the hype of these early MIJ models ... Basically after CBS bought out Fender in 1964, the quality and craftsmanship out of the Fullerton USA plant gradually dived as they drived production faster; by the late 70s the US made guitar quality was at times quite low. During these times, Japanese builders like Greco and Yamaha were making identical perfect copies of Fender guitar models. Dan Smith and a couple of other Fender executives went to Japan and signed a joint venture deal to start 'Fender Japan' and build Fender branded instruments outside the USA for the first time. This all hit off in 1982. When they landed in USA, the response was glorious: this was how Fender guitars were meant to be made. This particular model can be considered one of the debut guitars built by the Japanese. A 40 year old instrument which has been built with close attention to detail!


Just like the 70s models. You don't see many JV Stratocasters from this era. The guitar is found in a fair state, with a couple of dings around the guitar body, however nothing that effects its playability. That being the reason why the guitar is priced at 50-60% its market value.  The vintage frets are all level and have life still left in them shape, the bridge pickup has been changed but other than that there are no other mods we can tell of.

It's a truly superb experience in the hands: the wood selected for the neck is absolutely fanstastic, the shape is a tasty rounded modern C and it's arrow-straight and super resonant. Tone-wise, this absolutely delivers. There's zingy brightness, bell-like clarity and rich harmonics, balanced by a juicy, rich low end with a feel-it-in-your-chest kick. These come around very seldom and this one has or is about to turn 40, this is a great vintage playing instrument to own, with great low action, a straight neck, great intonation and an overall great sounding instrument. 

Playing condition notes: Action is very low, neck is straight, intonation is good. All electrics tested and working properly. One notable difference is that the pickup on at bridge appears to have been changed to a gotoh pickup, which would be the same as the original one which was on it. 


    - Model: Fender '72 Reissue Stratocaster (ST72-55)

    - Made: Japan, Fujigen plant, 1982-84

    - Finish: Cherry 

    - Body: sen ash

    - Weight: 3.840kg

    - Neck: maple with rosewood board, 7.25" radius, 25.5" scale

    - Mods: bridge pickup

    - Pickups: Fender Japan ST-current single coil x3

    - Case: Generic soft bag

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