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Fender Stratocaster ST70-SH | JAPAN

Fender Stratocaster ST70-SH | JAPAN

Here's a Stratocaster model you never laid your eyes on ... and neither have we. A fully electric Hybrid Stratocaster 🤣 made 2004-2006. A super rare model that rarely appears on the used market, in this colour it might be the only one on the interwebs world wide... unless we are being censored other realities 👀. 


This Stratocaster is full of character with the usual telecaster lipstick pickup at the neck and a humbucher at the bridge. If you look closely you can also see the curvuture of the top of the guitar is also different from that of a tele or a strat. The handle comes from that of a reissue ST'62 japan model.


Excellent sounds, all the warmth you'd need from the Texas Special US pickups, with their appealing glossy tone, are set in the front and the original wide-pitch polepiece humbuckers in the rear positions, giving it a versatile sound character. Alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and medium jumbo 22 frets. Nut width is at 42mm, with a comfy thin neck grip. 


This model was manufactured in small quantities in Japan for Fender. 


    - Body : Alder 

    Color : Green

    - Neck : Rosewood on Maple

    - Pickup : Original Texas Special Tele neck + Drugstar

    - Bridge : Original

    - Tuner : Original

    - Frets : 95%

    - Weight : 3.6kg

    - Case : Non Original SC


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