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Fender Stratocaster USA, Guitar, Electric Guitar

Fender Stratocaster USA


This Fender Stratocaster started its life as a 2006 Highway one strat, a couple years after that the neck was refinished in butterscotch cellulose for more of a vintage look and feel, the body is not refinished ... and stll has a very thin layer of factory cellulose finishing, this is the cool thing about highway one which you won't be able to get on any other guitar in it's generous intermeidiate price range. This guitar will AGE unlike any fender MIM /JAPAN/usa-standard etc... Which have harder and shinier poly-finishes , this doesn't mean that it is better or that the other models are supierior or infierior, it boils down to taste subjectively. If you want a guitar which you can put your own wear and have 'your MARK' on, this would be a sensible choice.


Budget-wise also the hardware on the guitar has been completely overhauled , with only but the best vintage-style hardware , the machine heads are vintage style kluson 6 in line , I found these to be very stable on most guitars which have them , the pickups are custom shop 69's by Fender of course, these are very reminiscent of Jimi hendrix , the sound is instantly identified and these hand wound one have so much more clarity and glassy-ness to the previous alnicos , they are low output pickups and measure only around 7k, so they work great with overdriven tones and the occasional FUZZ of course! Also very retro-looking with the staggered pole-pieces and cream covers , next on the list is the callahom vintage style tremolo :


"I have tried to assemble the finest vintage bridge for use on our guitars and for home builders who want the best. It is the small details that make the difference. We use stainless steel screws for the intonation, saddle height, and top plate mounting screws. The 6 heat treated pivot screws are essential. The top plate is cold rolled carbon steel that is nickel plated. And in 2006 we incorporated our enhanced vintage tremolo block and our "64" Virtual Pop-in stainless steel arm design (block details). We are the only vintage bridge to have these components. It is the traditional 2 7/32 vintage spacing.'' set up with gauge 10 strings, with a fairly low action and floating tremolo , it features a bakelite 8-hole pickguard by fender . and 50's wiring on the inside this mostly effects the volume and tone roll-offs , basically knocking your volume back a little wont effect your tone , it will keep the same highs and lows in your sound only lower.


    highway one USA
    Modern "C" Shape-
    Tinted Maple w/ Rosewood Fingerboard- 9.5" Radius (241 mm)- Large Headstock
    22 Medium Jumbo Frets- 25.5" (648 mm)
    Scale Length- 1.6875" (43 mm) Width at Nut
    'Kluson' machine heads

    *Re-finished in butterscotch nitro-cellulose laquer
    *Fender® custom shop 69' pickups
    *50's-style 8-hole bakelite pickguard
    *Callaham Vintage style tremolo w/ 'cg' saddles
    *50's wiring

    Highway one USA
    Black nitro-cellulose finish

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