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fender telecaster japan

Fender Telecaster TC72-65 JV-Serial | 1983 | Japan Vintage

If you're looking for a guitar that is made right in every way ... this might just be the one for you. We imagine that one day in the near future, we will say ,, we had one of those guitars at our shop and sold it for a fraction of the current price today.'' The quality and build of these Japan Vintage models is insane, the more time goes by the more it is appreciated and valued. So ... don't miss out. 


Fender '72 Tele Custom, black, made in Japan 1983. Basically after CBS bought out Fender in 1964, the quality and craftsmanship out of the Fullerton USA plant gradually dived as they drived production faster; by the late 70s the US made guitar quality was at times quite low. During these times, Japanese builders like Greco and Yamaha were making identical perfect copies of Fender models.


Dan Smith and a couple of other Fender executives went to Japan and signed a joint venture deal to start 'Fender Japan' and build Fender branded instruments outside the USA for the first time. This all hit off in 1982. When they landed in USA, the response was glorious: this was how Fender guitars were meant to be made. This particular model can be considered one of the debut guitars built by the Japanese. Almost a 40 year old instrument which has been built with close attention to detail! Just like the 60s models. You don't see many Tele Customs from this era.


It sounds fantastic: the resonance is amazing even just acoustically you know the vibration is just correctly traveling across the whole guitar.  It rings beautifully, the bridge pickup has a sweet sound while maintaining a huge amount of warmth and body, then onto the neck pickup you have a swampy, rich growling tone with loads of bass and low mids. The middle position blends the two fantastically, the pair complement each other well.


The guitar is all original and the guitar is in amazing condition, little marks of use on the body, slight dents here and there that complement its mojo although there's room for much more to be made on it. The neck is a dream; the piece of maple on deck is sublime. It's a slim C shape with tons of play left on the clock, so it just feels perfect. The frets are vintage frets so they are quite low which makes it so easy to play. 


These models are very rare now as you can understand, and in two years time this turns forty, pushing it into another bracket of vintage prestige. Collectability aside, it's a gorgeous and perfectly built instrument anyone would be proud to own and play.  


    - Model: Fender '72 Telecaster Custom (TC72-65)

    - Made: Japan, Fujigen plant

    - Finish: Gloss black, 3-ply black guard

    - Body: Alder

    - Neck: maple, one piece including fingerboard, slim oval profile

    - Weight: 3.22kg

    - NUTWIDTH: 42.8mm

    - Pickups:

    Fender Japan FHB-humbucker (neck),

    Fender Japan TL-Vintage single coil (bridge)

    - Soft bag included

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