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Fender  Telecaster '72 Reissue  | Japan TL72-53 | 1992

Fender Telecaster '72 Reissue | Japan TL72-53 | 1992

Hot hot hot; we caught this 28 year old peaking out of a Maltese Girna and then we crossed paths again on a Sandy beach  ... afterwhich we decided to partways together to our shop in Sliema, where it is there for you to try it out. 


Here we have Fender TL72-53 made in Japan between 1992-1993 at the famous Fujigen factory. It is a reissued model of the telecaster made in 1972, the instrument was faithfully reproduced to the exact original guitar with close attention to details such as the "modern logo" it had on it at the time. The body material is Sen which is very similar to Ash wood but with nicer texture which can be seen through its butterscotch finish. This wooud is a special feature of these Japanese builds. It's a heavy piece of Sen, in fact the guitar weights in at 4kg, this is what gives it it's strong attack and along the well-defined low mids. The body itself produces a high-quality telecaster sound with a wonderful maple neck adding that treble to the neck pickup's renowned twangy tone! 


The fretboard has some wear which is visible in the images, but it's nothing that effects its playability or functionality. The frets are in great shape and the body has minor marks around it but nothing worth mentioning. This is that kind of telecaster that can give you the experience a high level Japanese quality that will throw you off your chair. 


The guitar comes along with soft bag. 


The shipping rates on our website our not updated accordingly to your location. Should you want us to ship the guitar to your address; we kindly ask you to get in touch for a better shipping quote. We ship guitars worldwide on a frequent basis and have high experience in packing instruments in the safest ways. Above of that our instruments are shipped with full insurance and are packed in 90%+ recycled materials. 



    - BODY: Sen (Similar to Ash)

    - NECK: Maple

    - FINGER BOARD: Maple

    - Pickups: TL-Single x 2 (JAPAN)

    - WEIGHT: 4.0kg

    - NUT-WIDTH: 42.7mm

    - Soft Bag included

    - Long Scale Neck

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