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Fender "The Strat" | 1980, Guitar, Electric Guitar

Fender "The Strat" | 1980


Here we are happy to be presenting you with another relic from Fender, the guitar is in impeccable condition and contains no breakages in its body of hardware, the only thing required to fix on this guitar is its tremolo bar thread. Hereunder please find more on the history of this wonderful guitar. 


Fender produced its first limited run Strat model in 1979 with the 25th Anniversary Stratocaster. This limited run model was sold concurrently with the normal Stratocaster. The next year, the product line was expanded, having previously offered only one model since the guitar's inception (with possible exception of the Walnut Strats produced in the 1970s).

This new model, simply named The STRAT, was an upgrade to the normal trim, as indicated by its $250 list premium.
Some construction features returned to pre-CBS specs, including the four bolt neck joint, smaller headstock, and removal of the bullet-style truss rod adjustment. 


Many new features also debuted with this model. An added two-way rotary selector replaced the lower tone control (mid pickup) and was wired for more pickup switching combinations, 9 in total. The 4 additional tones were 1. neck and middle pickups in series 2. middle and bridge pickups in series 3. neck and bridge pickups in parallel 4. neck and bridge pickups in parallel with middle pickup in series The STRAT featured a hotter bridge pickup, marketed by Fender as the X-1. The controls and hardware were gold plated and included a uniquely massive synchronized tremolo. There was no standard neck for The STRAT, but three shapes were available: C, D, and U. Some colors featured matched headstock painting.The high production costs of "The STRAT" led to it being discontinued in the course of 1983.



    Body material: alder body, ash body
    Pickguard material: white pickguard



    Bridge: tremolo bridge

    Hardware color: gold hardware

    Tuners: brass tuners



    Fingerboard material: maple fingerboard
    Fingerboard position markers: dot fingerboard position markers



    Finish colors: red finish
    Made in USA
    Number of strings: 6 strings
    Scale length: 25.5 inches



    Neck joint: bolt on neck
    Number of frets: 21 fret
    Peghead (headstock): matching-finish headstock



    Pickup selector controls: 2-way selector switch, 5-way selector switch
    Tone controls: 1 tone control
    Volume controls: 1 volume control



    Pickups brand and model: Fender X-1 pickup(s)
    Pickups configuration: 3 single coil pickups

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