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Framus Archtop 62A - 1960's, Guitar, 60s Guitar

Framus Archtop 62A - 1960's


Framus model : 62A serial number : 05188 , this was made somewhere around 1960-62'; it was one of Framus's mid entry level archtops, a very nice sounding guitar. It still holds its original floating bridge and tailpiece; the machine heads have been replaced to kluson-style ones, apart from that, it's all original including also it's rosewood nut and truss rod top cover.


    -Body - all maple (laminate)

    -Neck - maple

    -Fretboard - rosewood

    -Bridge - Framus floating (straight saddle) 


    This is a great strumming guitar great for manouche, jazz , pop etc...
    A floating pickup could be installed at an extra cost

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