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Gibson Invader, Electric Guitar, Guitar

Gibson Invader

The Invader is one of Gibson's Less popular instruments made between 1982-87'; these invaders are very particular in a good way. This is the 84' model and features a rare Ebony fretboard on an all mahogany body and neck construction, bolt on neck along with all the usual Les Paul / SG control knobs (2x-vol/2x-tone) plus the usual Gibson 3-way selector switch and ABR-1 tune-o-Matic bridge.


The frets are quite wide and flat similar to what you see on a "Black Beaty" Les Paul and it's body is nicely contoured front and back although this one is a flat-top. The neck is a slim C profile and has lovely weather checking all through the back of it. It's pickups are the Gibson sonex custom 180 (Zebra) humbuckers and the machine heads are 'schallers, also by Gibson. The guitar is in lovely shape and plays great (the frets still have some life in them).

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