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Gibson Les Paul Bass | LPB-3 | 1993

Gibson Les Paul Bass | LPB-3 | 1993

Gibsons from the 90s have reached some high level of appreciation, some say that they are some of the best years due to the wood quality used by Gibson to build their axes with at the time. Here is one of them, and it's at our shop; it's a rare one and it is the Gibson Les Paul Bass model, called the LPB-3. Manufactured on December 2nd of 1993, at their Nashville plant. 


This one has that nice simple plain maple top on it with little texture, the body and neck are made of mahogany. The mahogany is nicely textured as seen in the images. It comes along with a separate bridge and tail piece similar to the Les Paul guitar model, which is also seen on some high end bass models. 

The LPB-3 has that nice vintage sound with low tones that hits those perfect sweet spots on the amp. It is equipped with two original humbuckers and an original factory installed Bartolini preamp, which gives it a unique tone different from all other gibson models. 


This could be considered as one of the most underrated Gibson bass models ever made. It is versatile due to its range of tone and and has a great output for a passive bass which enables it to cut through nicely.  Many people ask about the neck dive, which can be a problem with Gibson Basses; it's not an issue with this one since it is nicely balanced. The only one downside could be the weight, which could be a problem ... if you're not fresh and young into the scene that is :) ;) Every bass player should have a Gibson in their arsenal ... this might just be the one!! 


The shipping rates on our website are not updated accordingly to your location. Should you want us to ship the guitar to your address overseas; we kindly ask you to get in touch for a shipping quotation. We ship guitars worldwide on a frequent basis. All our instruments are shipped with full insurance and are packed in 90%+ recycled materials. 



    • SPECS

      - Top: Plain Maple Top

      - Neck: Mahogany

      - Body: Mahogany

      - Fingerboard: Ebony

      - Scale:30.5"

      - Nut Width: 41mm

      - Pre-amp: Bartolini

      - Pickups: Gibson Humb-buckers

      - Weight: 5.00kg

      - Original Hard Case - Brown, rose pink interior

      - Year of manufacture - 1993

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