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Gibson Les Paul Deluxe | Cherry Sunburst

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe | Cherry Sunburst

Marvelous favorite with a modern update in a very excellent condition here we have a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Cherry Sunburst with Les Paul 100th birthday signature!  The guitar is in great condition only has two dings and very slight buckle rush; It comes along with its original Gibson Gold Hard Case.


Not many people know that the new Mini Humbuckers in this guitar were designed by Jim DeCola and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter have a great tone and with push/pull pots for coil splitting and a 15db boost. These amazing pickups are only available on the 2015 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe and the Jeff "Skunk" Baxter edition Firebird.



- Gibson G FORCE™ Tuning System: Faster, more accurate, additional tunings

- Zero Fret Adjustable Nut (patent applied for): Added action adjustment

- Upgraded Tune–o–matic bridge with titanium saddles: Ease of height adjustment and sustain

- Wider neck and fingerboard: Increased playing area with same string spacing

- Comprehensive wood selection and grading: Rarest and finest materials for best instruments

- Thicker Rosewood Fingerboard: Increased mass for sustain

- Pearl Inlays: Better appearance and value

- Smoother sanded, buffed and oiled fingerboard: Improved playability and feel

- Comprehensive Setup (Lower Frets, Improved Plek, Intonation): Silky smooth action and bending, improved intonation

- More robust cables: Stronger signal strength

- New Mini Humbucker Design: Improved tonal balance and coil splitting versatility

- Les Paul 100th birthday signature: Honoring a genius with a facsimile of his actual signature taken from a pickguard autographed by Les.

- Les Paul Hologram: Authenticity and tribute



    - Wood: Maple

    - Binding: Cream

    - Back: Mahagony

    - Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect : With the 9 hole weight relief pattern it lightens the load slightly while preserving the sustain


    - Wood:  Low Density Mahogany


    - Wood: Mahagony

    - Thickness at Fret 1: 20.78 mm / .818"

    - Thickness at Fret 12: 24.46 mm / .963"

    - Inlay: Mother of Pearl

    - Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect: The rounded asymmetrical neck provides an ergonomic feel and the mahogany adds a rich tonal quality.


    - Style: Zero Fret Nut

    - Material: Cryogenically treated Brass

    - Width: 4.5993 cm / 1.795"


    - Wood: Rosewood

    - Piecies: 1

    - Shade: Medium

    - Radius: 30.48 cm / 12"

    - Frets: 22

    - Scale: 62.865 cm / 24.75"

    - Binding: Cream

    - Side Dots (Color): Black

    Color: Cherry Sunburst

    Country: USA

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