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Gibson Melody Maker 1962

Gibson Melody Maker | 1962

Gibson Melody Maker. This is the short scale version with 22 3/4 inch scale, 12 frets clear of the body and made 1959-70. The serial number is 59989, it was made in the Gibson Kalamazoo Plant, MI, USA and dates back to 1962. Machine heads have been replaced and also the bridge to have lower action both original parts will also come along with the guitar. These changes are normal for a Guitar of this age. Frets have some wear but still have ample life left in them. There is finish checking, some minor scratches and a cigarette burn you can see in the pictures but there are no breakages or repairs whatsoever. You don't see many of the 3/4 Melody Makers about (only 10% of the production was in 3/4s). Truly a lovely little collectable Guitar.


Please note that If outside the EU a CITES certificate will be required which would be an additional cost. CITES is all about protecting endangered species of wood. (Rosewood / Dalbergia Latifolia) 


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