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Gretsch Blackhawk series, Drum Kit, Drums

Gretsch Blackhawk series


This Gretsch Blackhawk is THE drumkit for any beginner and/or intermediate drummer. Price is set low due to being on offer to have us launch our idea of refurbished drum kits with our friends and followers in Malta. All the hardware has been polished, all its screws have been replaced, the wood has been cleaned and bearing edges have been reset. The skins on the drum kit are used acquarian costing over a €100 by themselves. The sound will surely blow you away ... we have spent and used a good amount of time and good karma on this kit and as a result the new owner will surely enjoy the sound and the experience given throughout its lifetime :) 


"Gretsch's BlackHawk series is designed to provide quality features at an affordable price. This 5-piece set features 6-ply mahogany shells in durable Nitron finishes and 45° bearing edges for enhanced attack and projection." Gretsch


Drum kit shell sizes: 12" high tom & 13" low tom, 16" floor tom and a 22" bass drum as well as a 14" snare drum.

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