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Hammond Sk1 61 KEYS

Keyboard is found in a perfect condition!

The beautiful designed Hammond SK models are affordable, extremely lightweight, compact and feature everything needed for "live" or "studio" performance.


The Ultra-Portable HAMMOND SK-series pack all the power, all the tradition, and all the soul of a Vintage B-3 into a trim 15-pound package. We haven't stopped there, including a wide series of other voices, like Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Clav, Vintage Combo Organs, Vintage String Synthesizer, Accordions, Pipe Organ, and many others. The SK series aren't watered-down "light" or "clone" versions of a Hammond, either.


An mp3/wav music-player is onboard to play backing tracks, break music, educational aids or any other tunes combined with the SK's stereo output. You may also direct connect a physical Leslie Speaker via the 8pin dedicated Leslie Jack.


The SK-series Stage Keyboards are the most revolutionary HAMMONDS yet, from the company that invented and perfected the Drawbar/Tonewheel concept in 1934. These ultralight instruments provide the essential keyboard sounds required to play ANY show in ANY style, including a genuine and vintage-perfect HAMMOND Organ in compact packages with all the features expected in a vintage B-3, plus our most advanced Digital Leslie yet.


All the classic features that "make" a Hammond are included: Real Mechanical Drawbars, "Waterfall" Keyboard, Touch Response Percussion, Chorus Vibrato, and a new-generation "Digital Leslie" that gives the big speaker a run for the money. 


Equipped with the same sound engine (VASE III) as our highly acclaimed Hammond XK-3c, the SK models feature the best Hammond has to offer; the legendary Hammond B-3 Sound, high quality Acoustic pianos, Vintage Electric pianos, Vintage strings, Pipe-organs and many other sounds and effects.


In addition to the authentic HAMMOND Tonewheel voices, the SK's Extravoice Division provides Hi-Def Acoustic Grands, Electric Piano's, Harpsichord, Accordeon, Wind, Brass, Synth and Tuned Percussion voices complete the spec. You may play any of the Extravoices "solo" or add them to the Organ voices. The Organ Generator may be switched to provide authentic models of British Vx Organ, Vx Jag.Organ and Italian Farf Combo Organs, all of which can be registered in the original fashion. The fourth Organ mode calls 32 ranks of Genuine Classical ("Church") Pipe Organ voices.


    - Single manual 61 keys

    - Authentic Hammond Organ Drawbar Sound

    - Extra Voice Section

    - Digital Leslie / Vibrato

    - Wide Variety of Effects

    - Library of Essential Keyboard Voices

    - MP3 Music Player

    - MIDI Master Keyboard

    - Patch and Favorites

    - Build-in USB port

    - Small and lightweight (7 kg)

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